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Videos of sites around Ithaca

This is a list of the videos on YouTube made by the author of In search of Homeric Ithaca (Parrot Press, 2020).

The videos are short. They do not tell a story. They show a place or a scene. Sometimes they show a 360-degree panorama from a viewpoint. There is no commentary, only the occasional sub-title to identify details. There is no music, only the sound of wind, water, birds or bells. The date on which each video was taken is recorded on the final frame.

The purpose is to expand on what can be seen in In search of Homeric Ithaca where the Homeric significance of the sites is discussed.

On the mainland
Menelaion, Sparta (3:57)

Around Pylos
A walk up to the Old Castle of Navarino (4:15)
Views from the Old Castle of Navarino (7:15)
Koryphasio (6:37)
Voidokoilia beach (4:36)

Views towards the Ionian Islands from the mainland
From Katakolo on a September day (2:21)
From Katakolo on an October day (3:03)
From Arkoudi (the town) (2:56)
From Mavra Vouna, near Kalogria and Teichos Dymaion (2:04)
From Glarentza Fortress, Kyllini (4:41)

Sailing to and past Ithaca
Kyllini to Poros by ferry in autumn (4:27)
Kyllini to Poros by ferry in winter (1:03)
Sailing west of the Ionian Islands (1:00)
Arkoudi (the island) (3:23)

On Cephalonia
Ithaca as seen from Cephalonia (4:53)
Ancient Sami, Cephalonia (4:13)
Asos isthmus, Cephalonia (0:36)
Dolicha, Cephalonia (2:57)

On Ithaca
Cape Mounta in winter (2:57)

Marathias, south Ithaca
A walk from Andri to Marathias (9:29)
A walk from Vatheia Vali to the Rock of Corax (7:00)
A walk to Eumaeus Cave (5:41)
Marathias on an autumn day (5:07)
Above the Rock of Corax (1:46)
An ancient threshing floor (2:38)
Rizes Cave in winter (2:51)

The hills of Marathias
View from the hill 253 metres high (2:51)
View from the hill 296 metres high (1:44)
View from the hill 525 metres (5:50)

Pera Pigadi
Pera Piga beach in autumn (3:00)
Pera Pigadi beach in winter (3:13)

Rock of Corax
The rock from the north (1:43)
The rock from the south (3:17)
The rock from above (3:13)

Mt Nerovoulo
A walk up Mt Nerovoulo. (4:45)
The spring and church of St Spiridon (7:56)

Dexia Bay
Dexia Bay - Views from the shore (4:09)
The "Cave of the Nymphs" above Dexia Bay (7:21)

Mt Aetos
As seen from Cephalonia (4:14)
As seen from Piso Aetos (2:51)
Bros Aetos after a storm (2:51)
A walk up Mt Aetos in winter (4:59)
Views from the summit of Mt Aetos in winter (5:41)
Ancient house (north) on Mt Aetos (5:40)
Ancient house (south) on Mt Aetos on a September day (6:07)
Ancient house (south) on Mt Aetos on a November day (6:00)

Central Ithaca
Vathy on a windy day (1:37)
A walk to the Delta inscription (4:07)

North Ithaca
Mt Neriton from the Gulf of Molo (1:40)
Views from the north-west peak of Mt Neriton (3:40)
Polis Bay as seen from Cephalonia (1:44)
Sailing to Polis Bay (2:44)
The “School of Homer” and springs in autumn (4:04)
The “School of Homer”and springs in winter (5:20)
Melanhydros spring in winter (4:18)

Dascalio as seen from Cephalonia (2:41)
Sailing to the island of Dascalio (3:00)
On the island of Dascalio (3:42)

Fortification of Ancient Leukas (3:18)
Nidri Waterfalls in winter (4:49)
Santa Maura Castle (9:17)
Grevas Castle, opposite Lefkada (6:43)
St George’s Castle, Plagia, opposite Lefkada (6:25)

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